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How should junior students (6 to 10th graders) study if they want to become an Engineer or a Doctor?

AUTHOR-J.P.Sinha.Teacher for IIT-JEE/PMT

In India anybody who wants to become an Engineer or a Doctor is required to appear in an entrance exam to get admission into Engineering or Medical College.For Engineering, the entrance exam comprises of three subjects Physics,Chemistry and Maths, and for Medical the subjects are Physics,Chemistry and Biology.There are scores of such entrance exams which are held every year in India in between April and June.

Educational Qualification required to appear in these entrances is '12th pass in science stream with 60% or more marks'. Syllabus of these exams is theoretically the same as the science and maths syllabus of 11th and 12th classes. But questions asked in any such entrances are generally much tougher than those which are asked in Board Exams or Class tests.There is a sound logic behind this - while academic exams (Board or Class test) are meant to test your knowledge, the entrances are meant to select nearly 1-thousand students from an aspirant list of 1-lakh or more by eliminating the remaining 99-thousand. If questions asked are therefore not tough and tricky then it will be very difficult to eliminate the 99-thousand to select the required 1-thousand.
To solve those questions a student is required to have very firm foundation in the fundamentals of each subject.He/She must also undergo rigorous practicing of question solving.

Now, let us come to my topic- what should a junior student (who is studying in, say, 6th class) do to equip himself with the necessary foundations so that he may easily handle the rigours of Engineering or Medical entrances on reaching 11th class?

In my opinion he should just study the syllabus of his class well.Studying the syllabus well means he should not ignore any topic of his syllabus even if that topic is not important for his class tests.That is, he should get in to the habit of studying the entire syllabus of his class thoroughly.Very few junior students actually read their text book.This is very bad. A student should develop the habit of reading text books of all subjects- he should even read Maths book.Yes!... maths book too.Normally people think that maths is learnt by solving exercises- yes, that's true, but you also need to develop the mathematical thinking and logic in your mind to be able to utilize maths in your life in an un-explored situation.And to develop the mathematical way of thinking you need to read maths too- you need to understand how things are analyzed in maths, how do we prove facts in maths,... and so many other subtle things.

Apart from reading maths text books you should also regularly read popular maths and science books.These popular books inform us about many facts that we seldom find in a normal text book. For example, every body is aware of PYTHAGORAS THEOREM but very few students are aware about Fermat's Last Theorem which is closely related to Pythagoras Theorem. I have seen that very few students have knowledge of the formula that can produce unlimited numbers of Pythagorean Triplets.Very few understand the actual connection between the properties of Similar Triangles and Trigonometry. This list can go on and on.

I will also suggest all the junior students not to ignore their Social-Studies. Understanding of these subjects are very important for the overall development of intellect in any body.

Languages are very important for one and all. Learning the art of communication is something that we should never ignore.Because, in what ever career we may go, if we can't communicate our thoughts properly to the world, we can't succeed. So give proper attention to both your Mother Tongue and English.You must master reading, writing and speaking, that is, all modes of formal communication.

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alekhya said...

Is there any special preparation required to be done for the aspirants of IIt for a girl aged 12/13 years.

J.P.Sinha said...

If you have read the above article then you know the answer.

Anonymous said...

thank you sir for providing me the required guidance.

deepshikha said...

what should i do for my preparation in class that i get enough practice till class 12?.....please tell me from where dis journey begins,.....i cannot understand

J.P.Sinha said...

As I said in my article, you should study your present class syllabus sincerely.That is the only thing that you need to do right now.Yes in maths you may consider buying a book named 'Elementary Algebra- by Hall and Night'.This book covers the entire algebra syllabus from 6th class to 10th.Reading popular science books will help you in developing interest in Science.NBT(National Book Trust,Delhi)publishes many titles on popular science.

pk said...
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Anonymous said...

Is there any special preparation required to be done for the aspirants of IIt for a girl aged 12/13 years. IS TRAINING AT COACHING CLASSES AT THIS AGE FOR IIT ADVISABLE. IS THERE ANY SPECIAL BOOKS FOR REFERANCE

niranjhan said...

i finished my 12th but i did'nt learn 11h syllabus well can i prepare for ii jee for the next year please guide me sir

J.P.Sinha said...

Hello Naranjhan,
click here.