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Preparation Tips for 12th pass students

AUTHOR : J.P.Sinha.Teacher for IIT-JEE/PMT

I have seen that many students prepare for IIT-JEE after passing their 12th board exam.They take a one year break from their normal academic studies ( some of them don't even take admission in college) to prepare for this prestigious entrance exam.But soon they face a dilemma.They do not understand that how they should plan their preparation.Some of them get so confused regarding their preparation plan for IIT-JEE that they start feeling frustrated.Negative thoughts begin to crop up in their mind every now and then.And it is not un-usual.They have taken a risk by keeping away from regular academic studies for one year just to prepare for the IIT-JEE. And the confusion created in their mind regarding an ideal preparation methodology make them sceptical about their own capabilities. And they feel unable to understand that what they should do to propel them selves to the fast track preparation for IIT-JEE by removing all the mental confusion.

I am writing this article to help such students.

See, there can not be one plan that is suitable for all students.So what I am writing below is not meant to be followed blindly. You read it. Take some hint from it.Then you formulate your own plan that suits your style of study and life.

Since you have already passed 12th and you intend to prepare for IIT-JEE, I think you are a fairly good student.So now you should spend one month to revise the theory and concepts of the entire 11th and 12th syllabus in each subject.Solve all the questions contained in your NCERT book while revising the theory. Note down all the weak areas.Then with the help of able teachers you should study those weak topics again. Take personal tuition if necessary.

After this, your confidence will get strengthened because you will know in your heart that you have the knowledge of the entire syllabus in each subject.And now you should start solving entrance type questions in each subject from some good IIT-JEE guide or other suitable study material.You should study extra concepts in those topics in which your already gained knowledge is not proving enough to solve all questions.

Solve questions from different chapters cyclically, that is, in any subject you should select a chapter and solve some questions from it.Then you should move to next chapter.Solve questions from that chapter too.Then move to next chapter... and so on. In this way you will solve questions of all the chapters in that subject.After this you should again return to the first chapter and follow the same sequence of moving from one chapter to other until you solve all the chapters again.Then again you should start a new cycle of question solving.In this way keep solving questions from all chapters in each subject periodically.

During this phase of your preparation you should keep revising the concepts and theory of different topics in each subject periodically.I will suggest, you should make a plan on a calender in which you can write the schedule of your revision.Every topic in each subject must be revised at least once every month.

Soon you will get filled with confidence.Your mind will be full of positive thoughts.To further strengthen your preparation you can solve MODEL QUESTION PAPERS in each subject.Study extra in those topics whose questions you find difficult to solve in these Model Question Papers.You can also join the test series of some good coaching for more practice.

Keep working in this way until the day of IIT-JEE.You should also appear in other exams like AIEEE, BITS-Pilani Entrance, DCE entrance...etc.

For taking my test series in Physics and Maths click here.

Those students who are desirous of studying Physics and Maths from me can click here

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Anonymous said...

Studying sincerely for 11th and 12th std to the extent that one is able to solve "tough" questions from yesteryears, would be enough criterion for claiming a serious shot at a good rank in IIT JEE. I don't quite agree with dropping a year for this. Trust me, I personally know more than 10 folks who didn't have to join a MPC gym to get a < 100 rank.

Anonymous said...

how to get good marks in maths2 pls tell me in 2,3 days

Anonymous said...

whether it is would be benificial to join vmc 12th pass iit preperational cource.

J.P.Sinha said...

Go to for tips on board exams.

yes joining VMC may help if you have already finished your basic syllabus.

Anonymous said...

i appeared for IIT-JEE 2009 and expecting around 120 marks.
i am dubbing a year for my second shot at IIT-JEE.
how should i prepare?
should i join a coachong class?
and how to remove the negative emotions regarding the exam?
please reply soon

J.P.Sinha said...

If you intend to drop one year to prepare for IIT-JEE then I would like to suggest you that you should be very firm in your resolve to work really very hard.
Is your basic NCERT level syllabus of both 11th and 12th fully completed? If yes, then you have good chance of making it to IIT. But if you have problems in the understanding of the basic syllabus(NCERT level), then tell me, how will you finish the IIT-JEE level preparation in one year? Yes, if you can finish basic NCERT level syllabus in atmost 2 months time then too you have fair chances.

Negative emotions will be automatically removed if you prepare hard and make good progresses quickly.
Join a coaching only after finishing the basic NCERT level syllabus.


J.P.Sinha said...

Read this article again for more help

Anonymous said...

arko writes:

sir i have secured 78% in board XII 2009 and 81000 rank in aieee 2009 and iitJEE EML42000


i have done this without any Cochin.
iam thiking of dropping a year and prepare for iitjee 2010.

due to counselling and addmission tests i can study from july only.
from july onwards how will i proceed in preparation for iitjee
should i start with ncert.

i am also thinking of joining cochin from july.

i have apx 9months time

starting from july. And also please tell that will my overall knowledge of the syllabus
(as ihave already studied the entire syllabus over the last 2 years)
help me in my preparation

abhishek said...

i am in class 12 and preparing for iit jee
please help me in making out how i can i manage time during the jee exam in order to attempt all the questions in the paper
please reply soon !!!

Anonymous said...

i have passed my 12th and now i am admitted in engineering college.I want to clear IIT/AIEEE exams next year.
Is it possible?
if yes than assist me in planning the preparation strategy
thank you

Anonymous said...

How to prepare for IIT-JEE after taking admission in a college?

J.P.Sinha said...

Hello all,
sorry for not replying to your queries. Actually, I was very busy.

To arko,
you should speedily revise the entire theory. Then you should practice, practice and practice. In between practices, keep revising the theory again and again.Give sample tests.
To Abhishek
take regular sample tests of IIT-JEE type questions to learn time management.Always do those questions first, which you know to solve

Nazim said...

Sir ur all help really helps boost the confidence level.
I hav dropped a year for IIT-JEE 2010.I hav also planned to join a coaching class for 6 months prior to the entrance.I am trying to brush-up all the topics of 11th and 12th,but due to one or more reasons i loose concentration while studing.I am confident enough that i can make it in 6 months but i feel lack of proper planning lossens my concentration.I really need some useful advice from u so as to what shud i hav proper knowledge of before i set my foot in coaching center.(What topics shud i focus on and what shud be avoided)I may hopefully join a class in 1st week of October.Ur advice will be of great help.
~Thanks in advance~

Anonymous said...

Sir i wanted to know that since trend of iit has changed n most of the question are nw objective based which book is best suited for chem phy n maths which contain essential concepts m doin Rc mukherjee for chem h.c verma + dc pandey n maths rd sharma iit objective + A.D gupta.
Rc mukherjee didnt have gud objective question. And i have solved almost all question of the chapters i have revised n didnt find it that difficult so plz suggest some other book 2.
And when i saw question from different reference books some questions were based on those concepts that aren't mentioned in d book m preparing , so i fear that doing only 1 proper book is nt a gud solution for clearing iit m i right?

amit said...

gd evening sir,
i have passed class 12 this year, i am droping and preparing for iit again.
i find that i am unable to perform in the exams holding in my coaching institute. i dont feel confident, but i can solve those quetions at home but in exams.....
my estimated all india rank is arround 10000, but due to this problem i am loosing my cinfidence. please help me sir..,
getting in iit is my dream.,
i will be very thankful to you..,
please mail me as soon as possible..

amit kumar jamshedpur

J.P.Sinha said...

To Nazim,
you should know the entire NCERT syllabus if you really want to get the benefit of joining a coaching.

To Anonymous,
can you finish syllabus on time if you study from more than one book?- answer is a big NO. So study from one good book- yes, for a topic or two in which your book is found lacking, you may consult other book as a reference.

There is only one plan success in life:
be sincere, work hard,be honest,be your own master and make yourself work in an organized manner.
Practice problem solving regularly.
Revise all the concepts and theory periodically. Read solved examples.


Ankur said...

so d buks m doing like rc mukerjee iit objective rd sharma n hc + dc pandey r des ok?

or suggest some oder buks

!PSiT THE unm@tched said...

sir i am the state toper 12th of orrisa and i have got selected in eml of jee i have droped a year and presently at kota bansal clases.
my problem is that can u propose me a good revision mechanism for revising all phy chem and math i sit to do a particular chapter any other thing gets lag behind.....and it is really frustrating.

!PSiT THE unm@tched said...

sir my another problem is that i dont get good marks in test.i do around 300 marks but due to silly mistakes i get around 200 or 210.plz help

Anonymous said...

i have failed to get into IIT last year 2009 in my 12th.I have joined in native engineering college(COMPUTER SCIENCE ENGINEERING) in my city and i'm planning to give IIT this year also,SO PLS TELL ME HOW TO PREPARE AND ANY SUGGESTIONS

tarun said...

sir.i m tarun chugh..studying in dce..i was in the eml of jee -2009..i had joined brilliant classes of spcl dce students for jee-2010.but now ,when only 4 months r left, i feel a bit frustated as my prep now for jee is far less as compared to last time at this momment..and too pressure of being in dce is vry mch..what should i do now..pls reply asap

J.P.Sinha said...

why are you taking so much tension?
DCE is also good. It is not that those studying in IIT will surely get super successful. More important than your college, is the knowledge that you acquire in life.

Nithin said...

Sir,I am Studying in BITS Pilani,Goa campus.Now with only 2 months to go ,I feel determined to attempt JEE again and crack it.Last year i missed out on IIT and got a poor EML 17000 rank due to confusion regarding method of study,

Sir ,plz advise me how to go about prep now and with which books also