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IIT-JEE and PMT preparation.

Preparing for IIT-JEE or PMT in 12th class if you did not study well in the 11th.
AUTHOR-J.P.Sinha.Teacher for IIT-JEE/PMT

I have seen many students who do not study well in the 11th class, and when they reach 12th class they realize that they have wasted a complete one year. Now preparing for 12th Board exam and also for Engineering or Medical Entrances seems an impossible task to such students. If you too belong to the group of such students then please read on.

See, I would like to tell you one thing in the very beginning. In most Engineering or Medical entrance exams in India questions are asked from both 11th and 12th class syllabus of Physics, Chemistry and Maths/Biology. So, if you did not study your 11th syllabus properly when you were in 11th class, then you must work hard now in 12th class so that you may study both 11th and 12th syllabus in one year.

Some chapters of 11th class are very important for understanding the chapters of 12th class. For example, in Physics, chapters on Kinematics, Dynamics, Work-Power-Energy, Oscillations and Waves are very important. In Maths, Sets and Function, Trigonometry, Limits and Differentiation, Coordinate Geometry are very important. So finish these chapters of 11th class as quickly as possible, may be with the help of a personal home tuition if needed. Preferably these 11th class chapters should be finished in one month time.

Then in the next three to four months you should finish the entire 12th syllabus of NCERT level. Now you should start solving easy entrance type questions from any good guide book available in the market. In physics you may start by solving MCQs given in the Pradeep/Dinesh publication book at the end of every chapter. I am suggesting these books because almost all the students possess either of them already. While solving MCQs you will realize your strengths and weaknesses in different chapters. Solve questions, in this way, one by one from each and every chapter of the entire 11th + 12th syllabus. While solving entrance type questions, in whatever topic you find you knowledge inadequate, you should go for extra reading of that topic with the help of some competent teacher. This should take atmost two more months. So, in this way, in the first seven months of you 12th class, you made your self prepared for preparing for IIT-JEE or PMT.

Now go for extensive problem solving from advanced guides in each subject. Keep revising the basic theory of the entire 11th and 12th syllabus at periodical intervals. Towards the end, join the test series or crash course of any good coaching institute.

Go and appear in different entrances with confidence. If GOD blesses you with good luck then you may find yourself among those selected for IIT or AIIMS. But always remember one thing : "GOD helps those who help themselves".

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Anonymous said...

sir i am in class 11 from a cbse school i have so many materials i am confused what 2 study ,good grasp on ncert and solving problems and iit papers sufficient?i have heard that from 2010 iit is all based on cbse 100% is this true

Sachin said...

IIT JEE is one of the most difficult competitive examinations in India at this point of time. Around 3 lakh people appear in the exam with about 6000 of them finally getting into the IIT's. The preparation for this exam normally begins with 11th standard and goes on for the next two years or even three. The number of attempts has been reduced to two recently.

The various options available for preparation are self study, coaching classes and correspondences. Coaching classes are now spread throughout the country. It has become a huge business in some cities.

Self-study is the most important part of your preparation.

The books that are used for preparation are more or less standard. Resnick Halliday, HC Verma, Morrison Boyd, P. Bahadur, J.D. Lee, M.L. Khanna etc.

The pattern for JEE keeps changing every year and hence, a pattern based study will generally not help.

You should identify your interests in career options before you go for engineering


Raj said...

Sir, i am a student currently appearing for 11th std final exam (HSC). our iit coaching classes are providing us a month long break and i regret the fact that i haven't quite worked hard this year. sir i will very much appreciate if you give me a pattern to study my 11th portion from root to tip in this one month. I'm ready to study for 24 hours. please sir, help me.
please tell me all i need 2 study in physics, chem n maths, which topics, how much practise, and a schedule that can juice out maximum work…its my fault that i dint work and im ready to pay for it. please help.
please e-mail your help at
any help from readers is also appreciated.
Thank You.

J.P.Sinha said...

i have already given my advices in the article.
what more I can advice you?
I do not know you personally.
More more help, ask some one who knows you.