Tuesday, February 18, 2014

PHYSICS & MATHS :- Getting good marks in CBSE 12 th Board.

AUTHOR-J.P.Sinha.Teacher (Physics and Maths) for IIT-JEE/PMT

12th board exam is the most important stage in the academic life of any student in India. Good score in this exam in many cases ensures admission in good course or college. There is an element of prestige attached to it too : any student getting 90%+ marks in 12 th board automatically becomes the darling of his/her entire family - all of a sudden people start speaking good and respectful words for him.

According to the proposed new Government Policy regarding the admissions in various Engineering Colleges in India, including IITs, marks earned by a student in his/her 12th board exams are soon going to become very important for his/her admission in Engineering Courses in India. According to the news paper reports, board marks will be given very important weightage in deciding the eligibility of a student in the Engineering Admission Process. A student scoring low marks in board exam will be not eligible for IITs even if he/she performs well in the entrance test.
So my message to all is: DON'T IGNORE THE BOARD EXAMS NOW

My experience as a teacher says that getting very high marks in board exams in India (at-least in CBSE board exam!) is honestly not very tough these days.

Following are few of the general advices that I would like to give to any one desirous of getting good marks in Physics and Maths in CBSE board exams:

Give utmost importance to your NCERT books. In maths exam, usually nothings comes from outside NCERT book. So for your board exam preparation do not consult any reference book. Just solve all the SOLVED and EXERCISE problems of NCERT again and again for practice.Remember that you do not have to leave any thing inside the NCERT maths book. Solve every single problem - both solved examples and exercise problems - present inside NCERT books. Solve all the Miscellaneous solved and unsolved questions too. Solve the Sample Papers available on CBSE website. If you gain the capability of solving any problem contained in the NCERT book without any trouble then I assure you that you can even get 100 marks in Maths.

For Physics, again NCERT book is very important. *Read all concepts of every chapter in full detail from NCERT.*Make a list of all the DERIVATIONS in each chapter.*Write the proofs of these DERIVATIONS in your note book. While writting the proofs follow the style in which you normally answer a question in exam. *Make a comprehensive list of all the important formulae of the syllabus. Revise them regularly.*Do all the NUMERICAL type questions present in NCERT physics book (both solved and unsolved ! ).*Make a list of important graphs present in your text book. *You must know all the Definitions and S.I. units of all the physical quantities dealt in the syllabus. *If possible, practice 'previous year questions' from each chapter from the book "Together with Physics" or "U-Like Sample Paper in Physics". *Solve the Sample Paper available on CBSE website.*Do the revision of all the above works again and again. You will then be able to solve the entire PHYSICS paper without any problem and getting 65+ (out of 70) score will not be difficult for you in Physics.

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Sir I want to tell you one thing that last year I studied as per your advise and I got 98 in physics and 96 in maths. My parents are so happy. I wish all board students of this year good luck.
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