Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Recommended Books for IIT-Main and IIT-Advanced

AUTHOR-J.P.Sinha.Teacher for IIT-JEE/PMT
WARNING:- Never use too many books.Always study from one or at most two good books.First study a chapter from a text book and only after finishing from text book, you should use any guide or reference books  
You should not buy all the following books. Buy one text book and one IIT-JEE guide in each subject.  
Go to a book shop and see all the books listed below.The one that appeals you more is the one that you should buy.
  Recommended Books:
  1. NCERT-books;
  2. Concept of Physics-by H.C.Verma : Exercises and solved numericals of this book are of high quality;
  3. Books and Guides of Arihant Prakashan:There are several titles available for IIT-JEE in this publication.Choose the suitable one that fulfills your requirement.Books in "Objective Approach..." series and "New Pattern IIT..." series are particularly good.
  4. Plane Coordinate Geometry- by S.L.Loney: Contains detailed treatment of the subject. But style of presentation is a bit old fashioned.
  5. Objective Mathematics- by R.D.Sharma
  6. IIT-Maths-by M.L.Khanna;
  7. IIT Guides-Tata McGrow Hill Publication;
  8. MCQ Maths-by Das Gupta(Bharti Bhavan Publication);
  9. PHYSICS Part 1&2-by Resnik and Halliday;
  10. Book by IRODOV for Problems in Physics.
  11. Maths books by K.C.Sinha from Student's Friends Publication: Books by this author is meant to be used as reference books only.
  12. Books and Guides of MTG- Publication:There are several titles available for IIT-JEE in this publication.Choose the suitable one that fulfills your requirement.
Selecting text book for Physics: Advice
Many students ask to me "From which book should I study Physics?". The wording of their Question gives an impression to me that the availability of great number text books in Physics for IIT-JEE preparation has totally confused them.
My advice to all such students is very simple and straight forward: read basic concepts from any one good book. Do not read any topic from too many books. Start a topic or a chapter by reading it from NCERT first.Solve all problems contained in NCERT.Then do some problems of the type asked in entrance exams from that topic. After this, you will be able to judge for yourself if reading that topic/chapter from some advanced book is necessary or not. If you feel that what you learnt from NCERT is not enough to solve questions in competitive exams then (and only then !) read that topic from some other advanced book.For this you can use "Resnik and Halliday's book". Other books can also be used according to your personal preference.

Those students who are desirous of studying Physics and Maths from me can click here.

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