Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Teaching to Freshly Appointed School Teachers

Attention school teachers of Physics and Mathematics for 11th and 12th classes in India !

Are you a newly appointed teacher ? You find teaching difficult ? Students do not respect you in the class because they do not find you knowledgeable ?

The answer to all the above problem is only ONE - you learn your subject again !
Yes , to save yourself from everyday torture of being ridiculed  in the class you should learn the subject again. Spend six months with me to finish either the 11th class or the 12th class syllabus and see the magic.

Remember one thing - it is never too late to learn and acquire knowledge

Take personal tuition at your home
I also teach online so you can study from me from anywhere.

Contact me on my mobile + 91 9871 222 426.

About Me :
I am J.P.Sinha. A self employed teacher of physics and maths. I teach physics and maths to 11th and 12 th class science students in India. My way of teaching is uniquily my own - I never see a book to teach, I have my own framework of ideas that I try to install into my student's mind. Even in the present time when school teachers often complain that students have become very disrespectful towards the teachers my students respect me like the way we used to respect our teachers when we were in schools. Because it is a fact that if a teacher wants to command respect of his students he only needs to do one thing - he should teach the students with full authority.

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