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PLAN Of Study for IIT-Entrance (PART-2)

How a Fresh 11th Class Science Student should Begin to Study ( if his plan is to crack IIT-Advanced after 12th ) ?

 AUTHOR- J.P.Sinha.Teacher of physics and maths for IIT-JEE (JEE-Advanced)

The beginning stage is most crucial. If you get proper guidance and a good teaching support from able teachers at this stage then your life will be a smooth sail throughout.

First make a plan: Preparation for IIT-Entrance is not done in a day. You need to study sincerely with a well executed plan-of-study for the next two years to be able to clear the IIT JEE-Advanced after 12th class.

There can be no one successful plan that will work for every body. So you need to make your own personal PLAN and work religiously according to it, to actually clear an entrance exam like JEE-Advanced with good rank. Making of your personal plan will be easier if you seek advice from your teachers, seniors and parents to make the plan. Discuss with them that how you should study and then think over the ideas that you get from them, then with the help of some trusted elder (who, in your views, is academically capable enough) you should make your own personal plan. Because without a plan-of-study you will not know where you are heading towards, when you are in the middle of your preparation.

 Only a well made plan, that is best suited for you, can guide you, that how you are going to use the various supports available (like personal teachers, IIT-Coaching institute…etc), and when you are going to use them, during your preparation journey that spreads over the next two years ( 11th class + 12th class).

 Here I am giving a plan-of-study that is good in my opinion. You may take hints from it also, but I will not advise you to follow it blindly unless you and your parents are convinced that it is good for you

FIRST the most important question:


Joining a coaching institute for IIT Entrance preparation has become a popular trend now. Almost every science student of 11th class joins some or the other IIT-Coaching these days. These Coaching Institutes have created such a picture (with the help of big advertisement campaigns that they run every year) that now the general public thinks that without joining a coaching a student can not clear the IIT Entrance exam. Consequently students are under immense social pressure to join a coaching (some big coaching) if they are opting for science stream in the 11th class. These coachings also conduct scholarship tests around December or January every year, to attract the new set of students who are going to enter into the 11th class in March.

But how do they teach in a Coaching Institute? This is the most important question that a student must explore before deciding to join an Institute. In most of the coaching institutes, in the name of advanced preparation, only blind problem solving is promoted. The institute teachers seldom teach the basic concepts of any subject properly, most often they only discuss a list of formulae in a chapter as part of the theory teaching of that chapter. Then right away, they start solving tough questions of the types asked in entrance exams on the board, to illustrate to the students that how to use the formulas to solve questions. These questions generally pass over the head of most students because they have no understanding of the concepts behind those formulas, and also because they do not know the derivations of those formulas. The teacher solves those questions in the class or sometimes students are given printed solutions of the assignments from the institute. Students try to learn those solutions without learning the art that "How to solve a new question by applying a systematic thinking to it with the help of basic concepts?".

These institute teachers do not understand one thing: learning problem solving is important but not developing the understanding of concepts is a blunder.

Thus I will advise a fresh 11th class student not to join a IIT coaching institute in the beginning of 11th class. Because as I wrote above, in coachings, they do not teach the concepts properly and only direct the students towards blind problem solving. This will prevent a student from developing a proper understanding of his subjects. And consequently the student may stop enjoying his studies. Many coaching going students are silently suffering this syndrome because they are under tremendous pressure to perform from all quarters, and they know from inside that they do not even have a proper understanding of the basic ideas of the subjects. These students perform badly in both school exams and also in the tests conducted at the institute. Parents wonder that what has happened to their child - “He was so good at studies till 10th class, now God Knows why he is not performing well?” I have seen many parents asking this question in frustration in front of me. Few students who are successfully seen to be managing both the school and the coaching, actually take personal tuitions from good teachers at home and actually learn the concepts in personal tuition class. These are highly labourious students who work really very hard to manage the studies at three fronts ( the school, the personal tuition and the coaching) simultaneously.    


I am not saying that joining a coaching institute is not helpful at all, I am only saying that joining a coaching is useless in the beginning of the 11th class. One should join a coaching institute only after first finishing the basic 11th and 12th syllabus on his own (with the help of a personal tuition if required). This can be easily done in ONE year only. After this the student will know all the concepts, and then if he joins a coaching he will face no problem there. He will rather enjoy the coaching class. And he will easily sharpen his problem solving skills if he sincerely attends the classes at the coaching. I will be writing more on this in the PART - 3 of this article.

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